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Siren Comic & Manuals

Has anyone got scans of Eternal Siren, the Japanese comic? I'm trying to put together a Siren fansite at the moment, and thought it would be rather awesome to do a translation/scanlation of the comic as part of it.

Similarly, has anyone got scans of the Japanese manuals and guides for the same reason? I know Felix M.C. Li had them at one stage, but his Siren site no longer seems to exist. :)

If I'm feeling ambitious, I may attempt the novel too, though I've never translated anything of that length.

Arigatou ne! :)
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Yay. You're not too late at all. Can you e-mail them to kbruce @ I'll credit you for them. :)


August 9 2010, 07:39:52 UTC 6 years ago

Did you ever make that Siren fansite? :)
Shit, that was me by the way