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I know this community might be a little dead or not being noticed on LJ.
I've found this community when I was searching for any  community named to the japanese horror game called Siren, or Forbidden Siren.

But I've discovered the new game that will be part of the siren series.
Named: Siren: Blood Curse

IGN's information and news about Siren: Blood Curse (New Translation)

A trailer can be viewed from Kotaku: http://kotaku.com/381321/siren-trailer-creeps-the-hell-out-of-my-ps3

DEMO video (YouTube):

http://kotaku.com/search/siren%203/ - Siren 3 tags
http://kotaku.com/search/Siren/ - Siren tags
http://kotaku.com/search/siren%203/Siren:%20Blood%20Curse/ - Siren: Blood Curse tags

You can also find more screens from the game. Possibly even make some 100x100 avatars from them? :D

I recently purchased Siren, the first game in the series as a birthday present for me. I'm somewhat disappointed because of the level of difficulty in the game, and possibly because the shibito don't die. I don't understand why the shibito can't die. I'm also disappointed in which if someone is playing a character and they have a partner with them, they have to protect that partner, even IF they don't have a weapon.

I've read previous entries in this community and it seems that this village in Japan is real? Confused a little about that.

But this game really interests me. I find it more fascinating than Silent Hill.
I hope this community will be more active when the next game in the series will be released.
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