Билли (billy_kun) wrote in forbidden_siren,

Forbidden siren 2 DVD9 ripping

Hey guys, i want to rip english audio out from dvd9 pal european release so it would fit to dvd5, and i am using the ripkit *By Psychospacefish* (it says so in readme), full name of the kit is *Forbidden Siren 2 PAL Multi5 DVD9 -> DVD5 ripkit*. So i do everything as it says, but the resulting iso crashes after the playstation 2 logo (both on the console and pcsx2, original dvd9 works on pcsx2 though). Do somebody have any suggestion what am i doing wrong or what the problem is? I would really appreciate some help from those who good at ripping and rebuilding ps2 games. Please help if you can, i cannot buy this game where i live. =\

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